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Netaffairs Communication Limited has more than 5 years experience in providing Information and Communication Technology solutions thus we bring you a combination of professionalism and expertise.


The company is divided into four main service groups.

  • Telecommunication Group

    Netaffairs Communication Limited is a leading company with operations in all major cities giving people access to the information they need by connecting information devices through intelligent, secure and reliable networks

    Our goal at Netaffairs is to help our customers improve their business by establishing interactive and engaging electronic business relationships with their global customers, partners, prospects, suppliers, and employees.

    We design, implement and manage Local Area Networks (LAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

    We have strategic alliances with Cisco, Avaya, Marconi, Black Box, Polycom and Axis Communications and we provide support for all products using well-trained engineers that are Cisco, Microsoft and Novell Certified.

    Netaffairs Communication Limited provides telecommunications and engineering services in the following fields:

    Radio Frequency (RF) and BTS Installations

    Netaffairs Communication Limited provides professional RF and BTS installation services which includes, but not limited to the following:
    • GSM antenna installations (Panel and Omni)
    • RF feeder cable Installations
    • Gantry Installations
    • Power Systems (rectifier rack and units)
    • Transmission rack installation (Indoor Units)

    Facilities Management

    Netaffairs Communication Limited provides Operation and maintenance for customers’ owned telecommunications private network. This includes manufacturing companies, Oil and Gas companies and banking sectors of the Nigerian economy.

    Netaffairs Communication Limited has carried out installation as a 3rd party on the following point to point microwave radio systems

    • Harris Microstar PDH radio system
    • Harris Truepoint radio system
    • NEC Pasolink SDH STM-1 radio system
    • Alcatel MPR and Awy PDH radio system
    • Alcatel MXC and LSY SDH radio System
    • Alcatel Nodeb 3G system
    • Aviat Eclipse radio system

    Structural Office Cabling (SOC)

    Netaffairs Communication Limited has supplied and installed numerous Structural Office Cabling and data hardware components in the manufacturing and banking sectors. These hardware components include, Cisco Router, Hubs, Switches, patch panels, etc.

    Other Services:

    Netaffairs Communication Limited provides TURN-KEY services such as erection and maintenance of telecommunication towers and masts, registration of towers and masts with the ministry of aviation, relocation of telecommunication equipment, etc.

    We also implement Voice over IP (VOIP), Video conferencing, Video surveillance and wireless networking.

    Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of Telecomm Industry operations, including repairs and maintenance of Telecommunication Equipment and spare parts. We provide on-site continuous monitoring of all our projects, providing functional and technical training and support.

    Netaffairs Communication Limited also carries out system configuration and integration.

  • Hardware Group

    Netaffairs Communication Limited offers advisory and support services in the area of hardware procurement since deploying mission critical business solutions go beyond merely procuring hardware at the most competitive prices.

    Netaffairs Communication Limited enjoys good relationships with major hardware manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard / Compaq, Sun Microsystems and Dell, thereby offering highly efficient customer support with flexible and affordable prices. We offer a range of products from desktop personal computers to high-end servers with their accessories, peripherals and consumables.

    Data integrity is paramount for every organization that commits business-critical information to electronic storage so we also offer a range of backup storage solutions using storage devices from DLT tape drives, Super DLT tape drives to ATL products automated tape library solutions.

    Netaffairs Communication Limited also offers help desk support services.

  • Software Technology Group

    As a member of the Oracle Partner Network, Our technology group offers various services to improve business processes and security. In conjunction with other Providers, we support specialized Applications for Banking, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas and others industries and we also have innovative products for Access Control, Asset Tags, Surveillance and Biometrics technology

    Security Solutions

    Security, safety and privacy have become corporate priority issues in recent times thus the growing demand for sophisticated security tools.

    Biometrics-based authentication systems are starting to replace password or Personal Identification Number (PIN) log-on in enterprises and government organizations, to control access to buildings or to control access to specific hardware such as servers, personal computers or laptops. Netaffairs can help your organization incorporate biometric and non-biometric solutions into your existing security solution.

    Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    Disasters and misfortunes that affect business are usually sudden and unexpected. Business is usually destabilized and adversely affected when the unforeseen events are not planned for.

    We can develop a disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your organization and we support major storage vendors such as Quantum, Veritas, Legato, EMC2, Netapps and ATL to deliver reliable data protection since it is crucial that data is effectively stored, accessed, shared and managed – not just for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes but to ensure the best possible client service and for reasons of legal compliance.

    We can also implement your Storage Area Network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage. (NAS)

    At Netaffairs Communication Limited, we use our experience to develop innovative solutions for our customers – solutions that set industry standards as well as exceed customer requirements and expectations.

  • Consulting & Training Group

    Our consulting solutions help companies reach new markets, by identifying new customers, creating new service of product offerings, and extending their supply chain capabilities. Our solutions improve efficiencies by automating the value delivery chain, lowering channel costs, and improving productivity.

    Through delivery of a comprehensive mix of technical expertise, industry knowledge, and applied innovation, Netaffairs provides rapid implementation of complete, integrated solutions that support our client’s business.

    Education and Training form an integral part of our core service provision. We can provide training and education facilities on our client sites as part of a change management enabling process.